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           Band Geeks is a documentary about the Burlington Teen Tour Band's trip to the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. The documentary, featured on CBC Docs POV, follows 3 band members as they prepare for the tour, as well as documenting the band's experience leading up to and during the trip.


            The documentary has been nominated for numerous awards at film festivals around the world. These include nominations for Best Documentary at the Pasadena International Film Festival and Best Documentary Arts & Culture at the Yorkton Film Festival. In addition, "Band Geeks" won the Audience Award for Best Short Documentary at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival


"Band Geeks" was produced and directed by Morgan Elliott of Suddenly Seemore... Productions, assisted by Ivan Verlaan (Director of Photography), Frank Cassanno (Editor), Steff Millman (Production Supervisor), and Chris Bilton (Composer). 

The Production Team

Morgan Elliott



Emmy-Nominated Producer Morgan Elliott is an adventurer and storyteller. She has crafted an award-winning career from the most exotic and remote corners of the world writing, producing, and directing television shows and documentaries. Previous projects include numerous one-hour documentaries for The Discovery Channel, The Outdoor Life Network and The Sports Network. Additionally, Ms. Elliott has produced series with Mark Burnett, Howie Mandel, Phil Keoghan, The Canadian Tenors and famed former WWE wrestler Trish Stratus. She has shot in over 45 countries and launched and produced 12 television series. 

Ivan Verlaan

Director of Photography

Frank Cassanno


Steff Millman

Production Supervisor

Chris Bilton


Awards and Distinctions


  • Audience Award for Best Short Documentary at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival



  • Best Documentary Arts & Culture at the Yorkton Film Festival

  • Best Documentary at the Pasadena International Film Festival


Highlights and Deleted Scenes

Peter and his Unicycle

Life Lessons

Proud to be a Band Geek

Friends and Family

Preparing for the Pinnacle of their Careers

Pre-Parade Inspection

Which Section is the Best?

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