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Official guide to playing Street Beat


  1. START SLOW — Like 90 slow. It will help with figuring out the rhythmic changes.

  2. USE YOUR FEET — The tempo has to come from your feet or you will be screwed.

  3. USE THE FUNDAMENTALS — Think about concepts you've learned at rehearsal: legato strokes, double beat, triple beat, upstrokes and downstrokes. Make sure you’re applying the appropriate techniques, and make sure you stay RELAXED.

  4. BREAK IT DOWN — Don’t rush yourself to just get through it. Break it down even as small as 2 beats at a time to make sure you can nail it every time! Check rolls, take out flams, etc. It’s all part of the process, and it’s all important.

  5. USE A MIRROR — Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

  6. NO SHORTCUTS — Everything on that page is there for a reason. Every detail should be accounted for.

  7. BE PATIENT — Make sure you’re giving yourself time to reset your hands and your brain before you do a rep. Put your hands at your side, take a breath, roll your shoulders back, play with confidence, and intent.

  8. PUSH YOURSELF — Was that a good rep? Would you be happy if that was the rep you played in front of the rest of the line?

  9. KNOW THE RHYTHMS — There’s a lot of sudden meter changes, always know when they’re coming to ensure you’re ready for them.

  10. BE CONFIDENT — Be able to play it in its entirety, by yourself. Total no brainer. Confidence is key in making it cool.

  11. PLAY IT FAST — Try bumping the tempo up to 126 or 130. When your max tempo increases, it becomes easier to play it slower. Your brain can also process it more clearly since you learned to process it at a faster pace.

  12. ENJOY IT — It’s a wicked cool street beat! If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

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