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Private Douglas Murray Sharpe

Ashton Moore's Fallen Soldier

Private Douglas Murray Sharpe

Born in Doe Lake, Ontario on April 5th 1924.
He went to public school and ended school after grade 8 when he was 15.
He had 3 sisters and 1 brother. His brother also went overseas as a soldier.
He worked on the farm with his dad and they had a hundred acres.

He joined the military in August 1942 in Toronto, when he was 18. He was healthy, had green eyes and blond hair, was 5 ft 8½ in tall and weighed 137 lbs.
His rank was private and his unit was the Stormont, Dundas,Glengarry Highlanders. He was in the Infantry and his service number was B132317. He made about $1.50 a day.
He did his basic training in Brantford where I go to school. He finished his advanced training at Camp Borden where both my mom and dad did army training.

Died july, 18th, 1944 of wounds received in action
The army paid his family $162.69, which was owed to Private Sharpe, when he died.
His mom didn’t find out about his death until August, 2nd, 1944, by telegram.
He received the France and Germany Star War Medal and the Memorial Cross which were given to his mother.
He was buried in a cemetery the day after his death and was moved 2 years later to Beny-Sur-Mer Cemetery, Grave 12, Row A, Plot 3

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