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Hot weather and how to survive it


  • Dealing with Dehydration:


Drink LOTS of water and juices (note:pop and sodas (cola, sprite,  rootbeer,  etc…) do not count) your body needs the hydration to keep cool.


  • Heat Exhaustion & stroke:


Acclimate to the weather by spending time outside,  NOT in a climate controlled basement.


  • Clothing


Try to stick to only wearing band shirts, pants, and socks, if possible try and stick to cotton as it is a summer fiber and breathes very well.


  • Rest!


Rest is very important because it keeps you body alert and full of the energy it needs to keep you cool.


  • Cooling Down


After a parade remeber to cool down with a damp cloth on your head (usually supplied by the chaperones) and drink lots of water, just remember that cooling down too quickly can be a bad thing and make you sick.

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